Upgrading Firmware

Instructions for upgrading firmware on JXD-301 on quick 8 steps:

  1. Turn off your JXD301.
  2. Press the RIGHT button on the d-pad. Do not release it.
  3. Press the POWER button until the device powers up. Do not release the RIGHT button yet.
  4. An orange background should appear and disappear in screen quickly. You can release the RIGHT button at this point.
  5. Connect your JXD301 to your computer.
  6. Unpack the latest official JXD-301 firmware zipfile into the newly created mass storage device drive.
  7. Disconnect the mass storage device safely.
  8. Press the RESET button once.


NOTE: Many people have trouble when connecting the JXD to their Linux-based system. To fix this, you need to use OHCI USB host drivers, not EHCI. Try running "rmmod ehci_hcd && modprobe ohci_hcd" as root before connecting.

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