This might just be the exact same hardware as what's inside the V1000, plus a 300kpixel camera.


CPU: Blackfin 531 @ 400mhz
RAM: Possibly 16MB SDRAM
SCREEN: 2.4-3" LTPS QVGA(320x240)
FEATURES: 300kpixel Camera, FM radio (rumored not to work on some models), TV-out

Sales blurb

Model: PSP004
3.0"(AUO)LTPS Screen, 16million color, resolution960*240
ADI BLACKFIN 531 chip, 400MHZ, DSP+MCU frame structure

Lively operating system, manage files like WINDOWS, NES, SFC, MD, GBA game imitator, support 10000 more kinds of game download. Support MP3, WMA, FLAC(not hurt compress format, good result as CD music). Support TXT format file, can enjoy music while reading and for saving meanwhile. Support motive pictures JPG, BMP and GIF, can record. Support external SD card, maximum is 2G, support copy between SD and FLASH. Standard MPEG4 coding, AVI format(XVID, DIVX3.11/4X/5X). SMARTSTEP patent power-saving technology, consumption is lower than 170ma, sound frequency lower than 70ma
3mega camera, picture format JPG and camera format AVI(XVID).
Slide cover style, MP4 player, Professional game player. Your best choice

reference [here]


It appears there are a couple of different devices that have the same specs but different form factors. Take your pick: looks a bit like a sidekick

psp004-slide.jpg Device is produced by Yahee, as the YHM-PMP658.Comes in orange and black.

psp004-red.jpg has a more digital camera feel to it

psp004-camlike.jpg looks like a cheap iphone knockoff (Might not be BF531 based)

psp004-iphone.jpg has PDA-style buttons on both top and bottom

psp004-pda.jpg looks quite a lot like the V1000, but is produced by Yahee as the YH-PMP671. Features a 3" 16:9 widescreen.

psp004-v1000.jpg No pictures available of firmware, so only guesswork that this is a BF531 device, but it is produced by Yahee, as the YH-PMP670.



Video of a PSP004 playing NES games and video
Video of the camera-like version

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